Why GameLand

Families, children, their privacy and safety are why we created GameLand Kids love to play games and compete with their friends on line. Unfortunately, that same exciting on-line world can be both complex and dangerous at times.

GameLand provides the tools you need to help your children build on-line relationships and create social relationships as they would in real life, safely and securely.

  • Create your Inner Circle for your core family unit.
  • Create Outer Social Circles for extended family, friends, and neighbors.
  • Create your own leagues or join ones already created by others.
  • Participate in tournaments.
  • Create groups for all types of interests and occasions.
  • Collect Squibbles, GameLand’s online currency, and gift them to your children as a reward for playing educational games.
  • Redeem Squibbles for great merchandise in our online shop.

Enjoy it all, knowing that any and all “friends” who talk to, become friends with, and play with your children online, must first be approved by you, to assure child's safety.