Squibbles and Prizes

Families, children, their privacy and safety are why we created GameLand Squibbles are GameLand’s virtual coins used to redeem prizes. Squibbles are similar to the prize tickets or tokens used to redeem prizes in an arcade.

Premium Members receive Squibbles each month as a part of their subscription.

Additional Squibbles can be purchased at the GameLand store.

  • You can redeem Squibbles for prizes

  • Parents can give their child accounts Squibbles:
    • Directly
    • As a reward for completing a task.
    • For playing a skill based game or an educational game.
    • Parents can authorize an adult to give Squibbles (say a grandparent).
      • The authorized adult can offer the child a number of Squibbles for playing a game together, or as a gift.

  • Members can gift Squibbles to other members (child account members can’t send Squibbles)

  • Members can use Squibbles to enter league tournaments
Once you have collected enough Squibbles you can visit GameLand’s Prize Redemption Center and exchange them for exciting prizes!