About GameLand

Families, children, their privacy and safety are why we created GameLand GameLand was created with families and their safety in mind.

Our social network is a private and safer place for your children and your family.

Children 13 and under want to get involved in social networking. Exposing younger children to the varied social networking websites has proven to be dangerous for their wellbeing.

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Child Predators
  • Improper Behavior
  • Poor Friend Choices
  • Inappropriate Content
Parents choose which social circles and friend connections their children can join.

  • Friends approved, rejected, monitored, and controlled by parents
  • Social Circles administered by parents
  • Inappropriate posts can be edited or deleted by parents
  • Improper Behavior can be curtailed by early parental involvement
  • Cyber Bullying is stopped fast by parents
In essence we help you to stay involved in your child's online world safely with all your family and friends.

We help parents keep children safe from cyber bullying and other online pitfalls!